Before Christmas I enjoyed a long weekend in Prague. Although many people have undoubtedly spent a weekend they will never remember in Prague (the city is a popular stag weekend destination) there is lots to see and it is a beautiful place. 

One of the main reasons I chose Prague was for the amazing Christmas market in Old Town Square, it’s just not the festive season unless you’re more than a little bit tipsy on mulled wine! Old town is where I spent most of my time as there are lots of little streets with cute shops and cafes to sit in and people watch. 

Top tip if you are a lover of steak like myself, you must go to Oliva Verde in Old Town Square where I had the best steak of my life with truffle sauce, major food coma! 

As a bit of a makeup addict I spend a lot of time looking in the mirror and the Mirror Maze on Petrin Hill was my idea of heaven, I seriously need one in my house! There are literally mirrors everywhere and if you are patient and wait for the crowds to pass through you can get some really fun photos. Also on Petrin Hill is a lookout tower where you can get some incredible views of Prague. Be warned the hill is rather steep and being December it was more of a slide than walk down!

Also if you are afraid of heights like I am there is no need to miss out as there is a lift which goes all the way to the top.

Another key place to go is Charles Bridge which goes from Old Town to the Lesser Quarter where Prague Castle is located. The bridge is stunning, however, if you have the same irrational hatred of people who walk slowly I would advise you to take a deep breath and count to 10 before you cross it or go at night when it is much less busy and the view of the Castle all lit up is magical. 

Ok so I know it’s probably not the done thing to downplay a Capital’s Castle but honestly there is not that much to see at Prague Castle. Most people try to get to the Castle at midday to watch the changing of the guard and I would say that and the cathedral are the main things to see there. (Don’t waste a day of your life there as I did!)

I love totally random things and these crawling baby statues in Kampa Park, although vaguely creepy, I loved! Another major art/ cultural highlight in Prague is the John Lennon Wall. Tucked away down a little side street is this shrine to the late Beatle. Anyone who has ever been to Prague will definitely have a photo/selfie in front of this wall with messages of love and inspiration.

Of course me being me a major part of any holiday is finding an incredible restaurant! In Prague, this came in the form of Kampa Park. It is situated by the Vlatava river and serves exquisite gourmet French-style dishes and I would honestly travel to Prague just for dinner there the food is that good and it is beautifully presented.

From food to drink, I am not a big fan of beer but had to take a trip to the Strahov microbrewery by The Monastery where you can try light, dark and IPA. 

Speaking of drinking, I love to get recommendations before a trip and my wonderful Zumba instructor, Lenka, is from the Czech Republic and told me about this great restaurant/bar La Bodeguita Del Medio. It is Cuban themed and has a great atmosphere, live salsa dancing and you can drink mojitos all night, what’s not to love!

So as you can imagine with all the mulled wine and mojitos on this trip my ability to navigate the city was slightly impaired at times. Top tip is take the trams which go all over the city just make sure you look at the destination of the tram! 

Prague has some wonderful architecture and fabulous restaurants so I would definitely recommend it and if you are headed on a boozy weekend make sure to avoid a hangover for at least one day to actually enjoy the city!

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