Eve Lom

I have been looking for a new cleanser for a while and having read lots of reviews and being recommended Eve Lom by a friend I decided to try it. I wanted to buy it from Space NK as I had a voucher and found they have a great set called The Radiant Ritual which has all the key Eve Lom products and a cute make up bag for £50.As the cleanser on its own is not much cheaper I thought this was the perfect way to try out a whole new range of skincare!! The set includes: 

  • Cleanser 50ml
  • Full size muslin cloth
  • Kiss Mix 7ml
  • Brightening Cream 10ml
  • Rescue Mask 15ml

These are described as Eve Lom’s classics for lasting hydration and unstoppable glow – perfect for giving your skin a boost during Winter.Starting with the main reason I bought this set in the first place, the cleanser is one of those skincare products that many people include in their list of must have products. One of my best friends swears by it and she always has radiant skin so I had high hopes for the cleanser!!

An unparalleled deep cleanse, this solid balm of brilliance simply melts on contact with the skin (you need to rub it in your hands before applying it to your face). Chamomile and cocoa butter softly calm and soothe, while clove and eucalyptus essential oils deeply decongest. Added hops oil tones the skin as the muslin cloth gently exfoliates.

You need to make sure you really massage the cleanser into your skin so it can work deep in your skin. I love using a Muslim cloth to remove cleansers as I always think it leaves your skin smoother. The only downside to the cleanser is that it has a very strong fragrance with the clove and hops oil but you get used to it and as long as you apply a fragranced moisturiser after you don’t notice it. 

As I have said before my skin has always been quite good but I have been prone to pimples on my forehead. These have completely disappeared since I’ve started using this cleanser and I feel so much more confident and have been wearing less makeup as a result!!Kiss Mix is the hidden gem of this set!! Being winter my lips do sometimes get a little dry and need some TLC. Kiss Mix is a rich glossy treatment that helps to moisturise and protect tender lips. It contains zinc oxide which is a natural sunscreen and also encourages healing. Menthol gives lips a tingly feeling, personally I love applying it before I go to bed. My lips are in a much better condition which means that when I wear lipstick it looks flawless all day and night!The Brightening cream is recommended  for those concerned with pigmentation or uneven skin tone and lack of radiance. It also helps to prevent early signs of ageing. I have been applying this after applying my usual Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream and can definitely see a difference from before I was using it. It absorbs into my skin beautifully and does exactly what it says on the tin, my skin is brighter and it has helped to even out my skin tone and dark circles. The Rescue Mask is a highly effective deep-cleansing treatment, and is an instant fix for sluggish, stressed out skin. Formulated with honey-infused kaolin clay, camphor and almond extracts, this multi-tasking treatment tackles a number of skin concerns, from blotchiness and breakouts to jet-lagged complexions and morning-after puffiness. Luckily not suffering from breakouts I have used this mask to revive my skin after late nights. I would not use this mask as often as other cleansing masks as I don’t find its application to be that smooth on my skin but it is a good addition for those mornings after you have been out.I always love a new make up bag so receiving one with this set is a bonus! 

I will definitely be buying the full size versions of the Brightening cream and Kiss Mix and the cleanser has a permanent home in my skincare routine but I don’t think the Rescue Mask benefited my skin enough for me to buy it again. 

You can buy the Radiant Ritual set here. It is £50 but if you sign up to Space NK emails they send you lots of discounts so it is well worth doing!

Have you tried Eve Lom products? Let me know what you think!

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