Duck & Dry

Easy to say I have had a very exciting working week! The Queen and Prince Philip came to open the new National Army Museum (my new venue!) Obviously knowing I would be in the presence of actual royalty my first priority was to look my best for the occasion.

As all beauty conscious girls will know this lead to only one conclusion: I needed a blow dry immediately! As my office is just a stone’s throw away from the King’s Road it had to be Duck & Dry.

Since it first opened its doors in 2014 with founder Yulia Rorstrom, Duck & Dry has been synonymous with meticulous attention to detail, bright and beautiful interiors, feel-good vibes and a buzzy atmosphere. I mean who doesn’t love having a glass of prosecco while someone else does your hair?

There are 8 different blow dry styles to choose from ranging from Classic Duck to High Tide Waves and Side Cascade, signature blow dry styles are £32 or £28 if you have an express blow dry on dry hair.

They also offer 8 fabulous updo looks (no more hours desperately trying to follow a YouTube tutorial!) which are £45 or £40 if you choose to go express, in fact sometimes these styles are easier to do on day old hair rather than freshly washed.

I chose to go for the Classic Duck blow dry and had the wonderful Enrique working his magic. Although my hair is now short it is still incredibly thick so I never take the time to blow dry it and this was pure heaven! In only half an hour Enrique had given my hair volume like I had never seen before! I honestly cannot recommend Duck & Dry enough, the staff are all so friendly and there’s a certain relief you feel when you go into a hair salon and everyone who works there actually has beautiful, enviable hair.


There is also a Nail’d it bar in the salon where you can get your nails done so you can get the full works all in one place and then you are ready to go for any occasion. The best news is that Duck & Dry have FINALLY opened a new salon by Oxford Circus! To mark the opening of their new salon they have a launch offer for your first visit, what more could you want? There is literally no excuse not to go and try them out for yourself.

To claim your discount just quote NEW DUCK when you book, so ladies treat yourself to some pampering and visit their website here.

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